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Beneath Your Beautiful Campaign

I had the opportunity to work as Model Coordinator at my good friend, Joy Ubani’s event—the Beneath Your Beautiful campaign. I love this event because it seeks to empower self-esteem through fashion. Which is exactly what I believe fashion does, if you let YOUR beautiful shine through!  Check it out:

20140215-110700.jpg Make up on one of the models, Katrina by Krys Nicole Makeup

20140215-110709.jpg The cutest little cupcakes you’ve ever seen.

The How To be Beautiful Table.
: Wear confidence on your sleeve, express yourself, be bold, and dare to be you!

Clothing by Krys Corvette


Krys Corvette and Virtuous Ladies Fashion vendor tables. Don’t you love those “Blessed” Cheetah Print Snap Backs?!


Me and two of the models/my friends Hayley and Katrina after the show.

Stay tuned for updates about the next Beneath Your Beautiful event.

Keep werkin’

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Designer Katie Chick werked it out at the FIDM Debut Runway show last spring. I was able to attend the show and this was one of the most striking and cool collections, from the music, Fiest‘s Sealion—to the background, and of course, the clothing.

(Was she way ahead of the trend with the Mykonos-inspired collection, or what?) I would love to wear that crop top outfit.

Keep werkin’,




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